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2017-2018 Season

Diamond Partners

$5,000 and up

Robert and Elizabeth Henninger

Bruce Wilson

Ruby Partners

$1,000 to $4,999


Ronald and Deborah Troyer

Emerald Partners

$500 to $999

Frank and Judith Beltman

Chris Ederer 

Allison and Matt Gunderson

Margaret Laukaitis

Sapphire Partners

$200 to $499

Anonymous (2)

Brittany Ederer

Jim Etheredge

Bill and Kathy Ehmann

Lauren Marcu

Ryan and Lauren Mueller

Hema Patel

Emily and Dirk Redder

Caroline Roe

Topaz Partners

$1 to $199

Jeremy and Amanda Andrus

Barbara Blackert

Kristen and Bruce Bar

Larry and Tisa Brown

Katie and Tyler Brown

Annie and Jerry Cafardi

Jamie Carter

Joseph and Shirley Chiarelli

De J De Jong

Jack Ferreri

Julia Fixel

Brent Furrow

Peter and Elaine Gibson

Angelina and Cameron Hannum

Amanda Henninger

Jon and Sarah Henninger

Tyler Hill

Joel Hinsey

Mary Ann Johns

Karyn Kipley

Karen Kopetskie

Bronislow and Katherine Kniowski

George Kniowski

Mike and Laurie Kniowski

Ashley Latta

Stephen and Nadia Linderman

Jessica Lin

Courtney Maher

Betsy Mulder

Amy Pellitteri

Jeri and Dennis Pistone

Mike and Barb Priestap​

Danielle Richard Lewis

June Roush

Amber Shepherd

Judy Smith

Robert and Robin Sturm

Courtney Sullivan

Stephanie Tollefson

Tracy Wells

Kristen Wenger

Beverly Winchell

Elizabeth Wootten

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