Magnum Opus' Trainee Program exists to encourage and strengthen dancers as they grow into artists through a loving, positive and Christ-centered environment.

 "My biggest passion is to contribute to the progression of excellence in the Christian arts. Magnum Opus has been developing my artistry and technique so I can better communicate the beauty and truth of art to our audiences." - Sophia Kelly 

"Just after joining the Magnum Opus Ballet Trainee Program I was already able to see technical and artistic improvement in myself in a way that has never happened before! This growth came as a result of the Trainee classes where we are given precise and personal corrections, and the conditioning classes to help us cross-train. The ability to be in company classes and performances beside the artist has allowed me to grow in my artistry as a form of worship and develop as a dancer. I am so thankful for these opportunities!" - Kara Griffin


The Trainee Program is intended to be a one- to two-year long program for dancers 18 years and older, running from September through May each season.


The program will further develop the dancer's technique while being mentored artistically and spiritually by the Magnum Opus trainee staff. The trainee schedule offers: ballet technique, pointe, strengthening, contemporary, jazz, musical theater, creative worship, and choreography class. Dancers will also train alongside the company on a weekly basis and have the opportunity to perform in every major company production. The trainees also have unique performance opportunities separate from the company to help develop not only their artistry, but also their ability to minister to the community through dance. Artistic Director, Abigail Henninger, will consider trainee dancers for apprentice positions with the company at the end of each season.

Audition Information for the 2022-2023 season.

Now accepting applications for the 2022-2023 season!

Application Requirements:

  • Dance Photos - two classical poses

  • Head-shot

  • Audition Fee, $10 (Payable via PayPal or Check, payable to "Magnum Opus")

  • Completed Application Form

  • 1 Spiritual and 1 Dance Letter of Reference

  • Live Audition

    • March 12th at 10:00 AM- Studio, Steps to Grace

    • ​8982 Main St. Caledonia, IL 61011

  • Video

    • Video requirements - Please state your name, age, and reason for applying at the beginning of your video.

      • Ballet class with both barre and center on flat. Additional center work done en pointe demonstrating, turns, releves and jumps. Males in center demonstrating, turns, jumps, and partnering footage if you have it available. No variations are needed. ​Lastly we ask for you to perform a creative worship solo to music of your choice. This should display your performance quality and ability to relay passion to the audience.

*We encourage all interested applicants to attend our live audition. However, if you are unable we will accept a video audition following the instructions above. If you plan to attend our live audition please send your application materials to by January 31st, 2022. 

Click below to download the Audition Application Form:

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Application Submission:

For video submissions please send completed audition materials to both email addresses below:

Email: and 


Please review the list of requirements before turning in your application to ensure you are submitting all of the required materials. 


You will be notified by email when your audition application is received.

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