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Season Partners

Diamond Partners

$1o,000 and up

Bruce Wilson 

Robert and Elizabeth Henninger

Susanne M. Michler 

Sapphire Partners

$200 to $999

Allison Gunderson

Christina and Jon Mabra

Lauren and Dave Marcu 

April Schrameck 

Amanda and Ed Struebing

Asbury United Methodist Church

Ruby Partners

$1,000 to $9,999

Father Dale Grubba

Tiffany and Samuel Overlien

John and Mandy Petree

Topaz Partners

$1 to $199


Allison and Matt Clooten 

Amanda Henninger

Bronislaw and Katherine Kniowski

Andrew Pamu 

Mark Meuer  

MIchelle Mettner

Heather Keckeison

Diane Anderson

Kathy Kummer

Jim Vogel
Beth Wruck

Heather Hayward

Tracy Lee

Nicole Heath

Mary Anderson

Kelly Antonson

Julie Byrnes

Tara Rossiter

Katelyn Klein

Brent Furrow

Steve Holmes

Sarah SK

Tracey Thomas

Greg Webber

Asya Alexandrovich

Brad Barrick

Susan Bebee

Ashley Sebastiani 

We want to thank these sponsors for their support

Madison Christian Giving Fund
Yolas Cafe
Metro Believers Church
Francis and Ruth Foundation

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