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We are a company of professional ballet dancers who focus on excellent performing that we hope will stir your heart and mind! You will find us in many theaters and other venues, as well as community service projects. 


As we work to continue to establish and grow Magnum Opus we would love for you to partner with us with your presence and donations!  We are incredibly grateful for all off you who have supported Magnum Opus these first few years, we couldn't have done it without you! Due to COVID-19 we had to cancel the second half of season three, and completely transform season four. We brought pure artistic movement to the community in new and innovative ways during season four, a plethora of outside performances, film projects, and socially distanced indoor settings. Through all of the ups and downs God finally opened the doors for us to have our own space and create a Christian fine arts school in 2022!


Now as we are entering season seven, hope to continue to expand our reach during performances, outreaches and community projects, Our desire is to use our God-given talents to bless those we encounter.

Thank you very much for investing in this positive and edifying non-profit organization.

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If you prefer not to use PayPal, please click the button below to email us for more information on alternate ways to donate.

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