Natalia Hartman


Originally from Poland, Natalia started to express her love towards dance since she was 3 years old. At the age of 10 she got accepted to Polish State Ballet School in Gdańsk, one of the top 5 state ballet schools in Poland. She received teaching in various styles such as: classical ballet, contemporary, folk, characteristic, historical and hip-hop dance. During that time she got to perform twice a year, over the 9 years of schooling, a solo and group performances as part of the OSB Jarzynowna-Sobczak Gdansk School of Ballet. Then she got to dance a solo and group part in Verdi’s Opera - „Traviata” in a dancing episode (Gypsy girl) for four theatrical seasons. Natalia won 1st price in an amateur and private ballet school contest in 2015. Got to perform her own choreography for a school contest (top-3 finish) for two years. Got to be a part in Babus Musicalis Dance and Drama in Sopot, Poland dancing/singing/acting part in a musical. She represented her state ballet school in group performances for Musical Theater in Gdynia, Poland, Philharmonic in Gdansk, Poland and King’s Castle in Warsaw, Poland. Then she participated in Ballet Summer School in Gdynia, Poland in 2013-2015. Natalia created her own choreography for International Choreography Contest in Bytom, Poland (semi-finalist) in 2016. Got to be a part of International Ballet and Contemporary Dance in Belgium in February, 2017. Then, during her first trip to USA she got to be a part of Ballet Magnificat’s Summer Dance Intensive, 2017 (whole month of training in level 10, second highest level).After that, she was a part of the 20th Ballet Competition in Gdansk, Poland (two contemporary dance variations + classic variation: Giselle [act 1]). Natalia graduated from her State Ballet School in 2018 and received her diploma of a professional ballet dancer (diploma performance included: one classical variation + one characteristic dance variation). Soon after that she moved out to the United States to start her journey with Ballet Magnificat! She has been a trainee with BM for three years (2018-2021) and has done multiple outreach performances in schools, nursing homes, churches and theaters, as well as been a part of a tour to Florida with ballet „Light has come”. She finished her season at Ballet Magnificat with creating her own dance-video project called „Breathe”. The project has reached hundreds of people online and Natalia hopes to continue to spread the gospel through her dancing everywhere she goes.

Since Natalia started her professional journey with dance she has always longed for a deeper meaning behind her movement that is found in Jesus Christ.