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As young children we laugh and play without a care in the world, but as life begins to slowly wear us down our innocence is stolen. Slowly believing the lies of this world that we are not good enough, unloved, or even a mistake, that the still small voice of the one who created us disappears. 

There is one who will always call us loved, worthy, and precious and it is the only voice that we need to truly hear. 

Join us for the premiere of Shattered. A new ballet that will proclaim our God-given names with boldness and shatter the lies of our enemy.

*Recommended for ages 8 and up.

April 21st at 2:30

 Historic Ironwood Theatre


Ending the season with a spring celebration with both the company and the school. A chance for all of our fine arts students to complete the year with confidence and inspiration as they perform alongside our professional dancers!

May 18th, Monona Grove Auditorium

2:00 PM

Ticket sales are now CLOSED!

School of the Arts Spring Showcase

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